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    What are the characteristics of semi-auto screen printing machine products?

    The main use of semi-auto screen printing machine.
    It is suitable for the printing of soft and rigid circuits and multilayer circuit boards with liquid light-sensitive anti-solder green lacquer printing and can be used for fine lines, advertising printing, glass printing, partial UV printing of paper products, labeling text printing, and trademark printing.

    Features of semi-auto screen printing machine: 1.

    1、Vertical lift with worm gear speed all-electric up and down transmission, smooth and durable, excluding the impact of pneumatic up and down vibration, left and right printing using full-time linear guide frequency synchronous speed adjustment, supplemented by photoelectric switch control positioning, fast speed, accurate positioning, saving air pressure consumption.

    2, the screen frame using linear slide adjustment fixed, so that the operator does not need any tools, light adjustment screen frame size surface screen printing machine
    3、With safety design, wrong operation action stroke can not start, red emergency stop platen, automatic rise and return to operation, to ensure the operator's personal safety, reduce the scrap rate.
    4、Pneumatic release device, so that the speed and height of the lifting plate can be adjusted.
    5、Japan PLC computer circuit control, can modify the preparation program according to customer requirements, high automatic program control. Semi-automatic screen printing machine
    6、Lift transmission adopts a precise linear guide to lifting and is equipped with a pneumatic plate locking device and an anti-drip ink device optional to reduce printing time and improve printing quality.
    7、The printing table adopts electric transmission, with Taiwan's first brand LM worm gear reducer and Japanese brake control, in and out of the positioning is precise and fast.

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