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    The preparation work before using screen printing frame

    1, new and old screen printing frames before use must determine whether flat before use, because the screen printing frame is not flat will seriously affect the fastness of the taut screen, at the same time, the screen printing frame must be evenly and adequately sanded before use.
    2, the new screen printing frame must be washed to remove the oil, the old frame to remove the original glue, at the same time must be cleaned after use is better.
    3, the best use of adhesive screen temperature ≥ 25 ℃, humidity between 50% ~ 70%, the temperature is low, the drying time is extended accordingly, low humidity drying time is shortened accordingly; when the humidity > 70% should be extended accordingly drying time, if necessary, the application of dehumidifiers to reduce humidity.

    4 cold weather should pay special attention, because the moisture in the air condensed on the surface of the frame, although the humidity is not high at this time, should still be dried screen printing frame or in the sundry after use is better.


    screen printing frame


    5. Rainy days or spring, because the air is more humid, in addition to the normal processing screen printing frame, should pay special attention to screen printing frame dehumidification before the bottom glue, taut net glue should be equipped with moisture extraction device or infrared light irradiation with fan blowing dry to be safe.
    6. The temperature of the oven is 40~45℃, more than 50℃, the adhesive will start to soften and fall off easily.
    7. with a universal adhesive sticky net, to tear the old net and then taut net is not easy, the frame residual universal adhesive is not uniform, affecting the next taut net.
    A special note is that many peers like to use cheap glue for sticky net glue, please be careful with it. Compared with the adhesive mesh, the universal adhesive taut net has the following disadvantages.
      ① surface viscosity, not easy to penetrate the net.
      ② long drying time, low work efficiency.
      ③ soft film, the initial adhesion and the final strength of the taut mesh is not high.
      ④ poor brushability, easy to pull the wire.
      ⑤ poor adhesion to screen printing frame.
      ⑥Rainy days and humid days are easy to take off the screen.
      These are the taboo of adhesive screen glue, so it is better not to advocate the use.

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