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    What are the types of screen printing machines?

    Classification according to the degree of automation.

        ① Manual screen printing machine: the printing process of various actions such as up and down the workpiece, scraping, back to the ink, screen frame lift down, and so on completely rely on manual work. Can be divided into simple cross-frame machine, manual screen printing machine, precision type manual screen printing machine, multi-color overprint manual screen printing machine.

        ② semi-automatic screen printing machine: on the basis of the manual screen printing machine, the printing of the basic actions, such as the reciprocating movement of the ink and ink return, the lifting and lowering of the printing device, the screen frame, the adsorption and registration of the printed parts, air sheet control, etc., according to a fixed procedure automatically completed by a certain mechanism This is what we usually call semi-automatic screen printing machine.


    This is what we usually call a semi-automatic screen printing machine.

        ③ Automatic screen printing machine: It is a screen printing machine with automatic paper feeding (material), automatic printing, automatic drying, and automatic paper receiving (material). The printing speed can reach more than 5000 prints/hour, which is suitable for continuous screen printing of larger quantities and can ensure the stability of the quality of the printed products.
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