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    What are the main applications of screen printing machines?  

    What are the main applications of screen printing machines?  

    The range of applications for screen printing machines is very wide. Any kind of object, except water and air (including other liquids and gases), can be used as a substrate. It has been said about screen printing that if you want to find the ideal printing method for printing purposes on earth, it is probably the screen printing method.

    Specifically, screen printing machine is mainly used in the following areas.  
    1. paper printing machine: art printing - advertising, picture magazines, calendars, lantern paper, etc. Trademark printing, transfer printing, packaging printing, building materials printing - paste wallpaper, etc..

    2. Plastic printing machine: plastic soft sheet - vinyl toys, school bags, plastic bags, etc., plastic marker plate - fake metal composite materials and various marker plates. Production parts - instrument parts.



    3. Wooden products screen printing machine: crafts - lacquer ware, wooden crafts, toys.   Processing semi-finished products - sports goods, wooden boards, ceilings, road signs, signboards, fake metal wrenches, billboards, etc.
    4. Metal products screen printing machine :Metal cylinder, metal utensils, metal products.   
    5. Glass, ceramic products screen printing machine: glass - mirrors, glass plates, cups, bottles, etc.. Ceramic - utensils, handicrafts.

    6. sign printing: text description board, dial, forming items.
    7. Circuit board screen printing machine :Printing circuit board, civil or industrial substrate, thick film integrated circuit board.
    8. Screen printing machine to be used on printing and dyeing products: printing and dyeing - flags, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, undershirts, knitted products, etc. Other printing - pockets, shoes, number cloth and various bags, backpacks, carry bags, school bags, etc.

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