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    Where Can I Find Screen Printing Mesh Cloth

    Screen Printing Mesh Cloth Physical Characters:
    Material:Manufactured by 100% polyester monofilament yarns
    Opening:The mesh with great precision exact and regular square holes
    Chemicals:No unwanted chemicals, no any chemicals treatment in the production process
    Safe Grade:Very safe, very thin, food grade
    Shape:Can made by disc, tube, piece, roll any sizes and shape, max roll length1000m
    Temperature:High tensile, use temperature under 200oC
    Dimensoinal:Very good dimensional stability
    Screen Printing Mesh Cloth
    mesh count inspect
    thickness inspect
    thread diameter& hole size inspect
    tensile strength inspect
    surface tension test

    Package:1): Folding the mesh with pvc bag and then put into carton. Suit for little order quantity 
    2): Rolling the mesh with paper tube and then put into carton. Suit for large order quantity.Suitable for large quantity and the mesh has better surface than folding type.Usually a carton can load 50-70kg Daily production 5000m2, most of our specifications have stock, fast delivery time
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