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    Polyester Mesh Printing

    Hebei Doyan Screen Printing Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional factory , producing polyester screen printing mesh and aluminum frame manufacturer and exporter of screen printing materials and equipment.Our product engineers work closely with customers in many diverse industries to develop product solutions that are tailored to their individual project specifications.Currently sold into over 50 countries worldwide. 

    Polyester Mesh Printing introduction

    Polyester printing mesh is one of the most advanced high-tech fabric products for screen printing. It is  widedly used in different industrial printing, such as glass printing, graphic printing, ceramic printing, paper printing, circuited board printing, plastics and packaging printing...
    Polyester Mesh Printing

    Faster Tensioning without damage to the threads

    Improved fabric strength

    Faster Tension Stabilization

    Higher Tension threshold and breaking point

    Less tension loss during the stretching process

    Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the press room

    Improved registration due to stable tension

    Faster print speed

    Polyester Mesh Printing Characteristics:

    Screen printing makes it possible to print on wide range of substrates.

    Screen printing makes it possible to print on the substrates with various shapes and sizes.

    Many kinds of ink are available.

    Thick coating is possible. (General stencil: 10-30 microns, Special stencil: more than 100 microns)

    Thick coating makes colors more vivid, finish more opaque and light-fastness better.

    As printing pressure is small, it is possible to print on fragile matters.

    As the stencil is soft, it is possible to print on hard materials such as glass and metal as well as soft materials such as paper and fabrics.

    The stencil is cheap, which is the advantage in case of production of small quantity.
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