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    Monofilament Screen Printing Mesh

    Momoflament screen printing mesh is one of the most advanced high-tech fabric products for screen printing. Hebei Duyang started the manufacturing of 100% polyester monofilament mesh since 1996. With the advanced test technique, we guarantee a reliable quality.

    Advantages of monofilament screen printing meshes

    Exceptional print quality
    2.Minimal elongation and modest loss of tension
    3.Longer stencil life
    4.A reliable mesh that meets industry demands
    5.Wide product range
    6.Excellent stretching properties
    7.Innovative surface treatment improves wettability and stencil adhesion
    Monofilament Screen Printing Mesh
    Monofilament Screen Printing Mesh Applications
    1. CD/DVD printing
    2.Architectural Glass,including construction glass,decorative glass,
    3. Electronics,such as Membrane Switches,Printed Circuit Boards,Thick Film
    4. Graphic screen printing,such as glass containers,labels,large format UV graphics,small format UV graphics,solvent graphics,tubes and cartridges
    5. Tableware,such as ceramic tiles,indirect ceramic,decorating
    6. Textile Industry,such as flatbed textile printing,high-end textile printing,T-shirt/Garment printing
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