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    How to choose the right screen printing equipment

    Screen printing equipment provides fine pad printing effects and is widely used in industrial production. But how to choose a screen printing equipment to meet the company's product printing requirements is to be considered thoroughly. In general, we choose screen printing equipment sizing first need to understand the following conditions:
    1. the size of the product and the printing position of the pattern
    2. the size of the printed pattern
    3. the number of colors of the pattern
    4. the daily production volume

    The following will separate the above issues one by one analysis, to determine what screen printing equipment is more appropriate, and
        1. Product size and pattern printing position
    The shape of the product and the printing position of the pattern on the product directly affects the choice of the front and back stroke of the screen printing equipment. There are five types of conventional screen printing equipment according to the stroke classification.
    √125MM stroke (e.g. OP-121 series) 
    √160MM stroke (e.g. OP-151, 152, 161, 162, etc.)
    √175MM stroke (such as OP-171, 172, 173, 174, 176, etc.)
    √200MM stroke (e.g. OP-221, 222, 224, 226, etc.)
    √300MM stroke (e.g. OP-321, 322, etc.)
    Stroke is the distance between the time the glue head absorbs ink and the time it advances forward to the position where the product can be printed.
    The longer the stroke, the more the glue head will come out from the steel plate after sticking ink to the front printing position, and the position of the printed pattern can tend to be in the middle of the product's shape. For example, we will be the most to such a situation: some products have a small printing pattern, but his product shape size is large, according to the printing area, but 125mm stroke machine before and after the stroke is not enough, no matter how the product is placed on the table, the print head can not reach the required printing position printing, so you need a longer stroke of the model to achieve.
         2. The size of the printing pattern
    The size of the printing pattern is directly related to the printing pressure and the size of the steel plate, for example: Usually 100X100MM (standard) steel plate to be placed on the oil plate machine, then the maximum printing area is: 75X75MM. By widening the oil plate, the maximum size of the steel plate can achieve a larger printing area, but widening the oil plate to increase the printing area only for single-color machines, two-color models above the widening of the oil plate unless very special products can be modified.
    There are various names for the size of the steel plate, in the market we are used to using inches to describe, for example: 100X100 steel plate is said to be 4X4 steel plate 100X150 steel plate is said to be 4X6 100X200 steel plate is said to be 4X8. The size of the steel plate and the printing area of each series of OLAT models can be referred to the specific performance parameters.
    In addition, the size of the printable pattern of each model is determined by the pressure generated by the cylinder bore of the print head, not how wide the steel plate can be printed, when the steel plate is increased, in addition to the length of the print becomes longer, the width becomes narrower, because the cylinder of the print head can only provide so much pressure to print.
          3. The number of colors of the pattern
    The number of colors of the pattern is easy to understand, generally there are several colors on the product, usually we have to consider the use of multi-color screen printing equipment. olat screen printing equipment can provide 1-8 colors of printing requirements, you can choose the turntable type and direct push type of two types of table The screen printing equipment can be selected from both turntable and direct push type workstations, which can achieve precise registration and delicate printing of patterns and text.
          4.Daily production volume
    The production quantity of the product can also be said to be the critical reason for choosing pad printing. The speed of the turntable is the fastest, regardless of two-color, four-color, six-color, eight-color turntable speed is the same, because this model can print out all the colors in one production cycle. But the turntable machine has advantages and disadvantages at the same time, the turntable machine printing before the adjustment time is longer, and more fixtures, debugging is more troublesome. When the product is printed in many colors and the register is precise, you can choose the direct push screen printing equipment, which has the advantages of simple adjustment, quick product replacement, precise register and high printing quality, but the output is not as good as the turntable screen printing equipment.

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