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    Features of aluminum silkscreen frames

    Screen printing is the production of screen printing plates by hand-engraved lacquer film or photochemical plate making using silk, synthetic fabrics, or metal screens stretched over a screen frame. In modern screen printing technology, the screen frames are made by photographic plate making using photosensitive materials (so that the screen holes in the graphic part of the screen frame are through holes, while the non-graphic part of the screen holes is blocked). When printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the screen holes of the graphic part by the squeezing of the squeegee, forming the same graphic as the original. Screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, easy and inexpensive to print and make plates, and highly adaptable. Screen printing is widely used in a wide range of commonly printed products: colorful oil paintings, posters, business cards, framed covers, commodity signs, and printed textiles.

        Features of aluminum silkscreen frames in screen printing machines.

        Lightweight, a wide range of cross-sections, high flexural strength, resistance to corrosion (chemicals, inks, solvents, cleaning agents, etc.), and easy cleaning.

        Types and characteristics of aluminum silkscreen frames for screen printing.

         aluminum silkscreen frames are divided into four main profiles: hollow type, day type, field type, and cross type.

        1. aluminum silkscreen frames for printing.

        Suitable for running printing, apparel printing, craft gift, leather, plastic and toy printing, etc.; printing operation is mainly manual type assembly line (running) operation.

        2. Precision electronic aluminum frame.

        Suitable for multi-layer circuit board, LCD, surface mount, membrane switch, ceramic decal paper, tobacco, and wine packaging printing and other manufacturers with high precision requirements: the printing operation is mainly based on the automatic screen printing machine, partly also suitable for precision semi-automatic screen printing machine.



        3. CD, ceramic aluminum frame.

        Suitable for CD turntable, nameplate, drip glue, keyboard, plastic, shell, and other common printing precision requirements of manufacturers to use: printing operations are mainly manual printing and small area printing machine; can be customized single-sided frame and curved frame and another shaped frame.

        4. Large aluminum frame.

        Suitable for large outdoor four-color advertising, lightbox printing, auto glass, glass curtain wall, and other large-format printing factory use; printing work is mainly based on large-format screen printing.

        5. Electronic aluminum frame.

        Suitable for single and double-sided printed circuit boards, decals, glass printing, and other printing precision requirements manufacturers use: printing work is mainly based on the semi-automatic screen printing machines, part of the material is also suitable for manual printing.

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