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    Feature of Screen Printing Machine

    Feature of Screen Printing Machine
    1. It is characterized by accurate positioning, free adjustment, stability of machine body and simple operation. This is designed for T-shirt. 
    2. It can accurately register and remain positioning unchanged permanently. Its angle for silk screen and distance for leaving the screen adjustable. 
    3. Its central bearing-type rotation design can have the screen plates and table freely rotate. 
    4. Its drawing force can be adjusted as per its weight of printing plates 
    5. We also can supply the different size of screen printing machine according to customer's requirement 
    Screen Printing Machine
    Applicable Scope and advantage 
    This screen printing machine is widly used in textile/garment screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport cloths, bags, PVC and so on. this screen printing machine is suitable for clothing overprinting. It is widely used to overprint T-shirts, clothing, backpacks, leather, cloth, towel and many other items. Cooperating with far infrared dryer can improve overprinting working is characterized by accurate positioning,saving room,saving labor and other is particularly suitable for t-shirt shop, small business and individual printing shop etc.
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